We are working for us!

While working on our new website, we decided to update the current one with a brand new section, entirely dedicated to rendering. In the gallery you will find some of the product renderings on neutral or set backgrounds we have made for our customers in the past few months. Rush to see them!


Congratulations Ludabak!

"A 30-year history and a great team effort". The success of a company is the result of many factors and the strength of the team is one of them. Here is the heart of the message we have developed for the communication of the 30th anniversary of Ludabak: an inclusive message, which gives merit to every single figure who, with his own work, has made the company's history. We have the honor to follow Ludabak's communication since about 10 of these 30 years and we are proud of it!


A start full of new projects ...

A catalog in Spanish and a new brochure, just printed for Compagnucci High Tech: we started 2018 with a rich series of projects, of which these are just a little taste. Waiting to discover the others, take a look at the renderings we have made for this brochure and tell us what you think!


Old friendships and new collaborations

The wealth of our work is in the network of relationships that we can create: in the historical ones, which are strengthened from year to year, and in new ones. Our visit to Marca 2018 in Bologna has honored both, with Alessandro di Tonidigrigio and Vis Industrie alimentari. A business trip done with pleasure. And you can see it from our smiles!


Integrated communication

Monticelli signage is an excellent example of what we mean by "integrated communication".
The choice of shapes, characters, colors, materials is functional to convey a message, to give information and reinforce the company's image. This applies to every single instrument: everything is communication.