About new and old partnerships

We mentioned it a few weeks ago: our experience in the design of packaging for food products has led us to a wonderful collaboration with Tonidigrigio and Vis Industrie alimentari. Here are some of the packs for large retailers, which we have created together.


A new design project

Aesthetic research and functionality are the basis of every design project, even (and perhaps above all), when we talk about everyday products. It is this principle that guides us, in these days, in the design of a new series of pan handles for Ludabak s.r.l. While we’re working, we have found one of our projects a few years ago: very different handles, but united by the attention to the functionality of the product.


New Quacquarini Packagings

Between a taste of the Colomba and the other, in recent weeks we have worked hard to design the graphic restyling of some products of the Quacquarini confectionery. Take a look at the work we've done, but beware: the image can cause mouth-water!


Generational meeting

The meeting point between two generations, the result of a balance between two equal and opposite forces: this is the brand identity of Mencarelli & Avaltroni and it’s on this concept that we have worked for the renewal of the corporate identity. Each graphic choice is based on the search for this balance, right from the homepage of the new website. It seems of strong impact, don’t you agree?


A trip with Joy

After a few weeks of waiting, Ludabak's corporate video is  finally on-line!Are you curious like Joy? So go and see how a knob is born.
Special thanks for the precious collaboration to Luca Barchiesi videomaker.